Rethinking my own frontiers

For some people there is a moment in life when they can tae it anymore and decide to make a change on their ways of live, it could be simple, like buying new furniture, or a little bit more complex. For me, that moment came when I was around 20 years old and I realised that every one of those years I had lived under the roof of my parent’s house I had not seen any of the parts of the world so I decided it was time to move out of the nest and try some new experiences.

For this purpose I had the luck to have at my disposition an scholarship of my university to study a year abroad, I could chose between a multitude of destinations, each better than the last, but I had no doubt where I was going to apply for, Florence.
This was something that I had promised myself from the first time I set foot on the Medici’s city, when I was on an scholar trip a few years back and I fell in love with every street, corner, market and general ambient. Also it was a great place to amplify my knowledge about history as every place in the city seemed to exhale stories about the past and the people that lived in there.

This way I saw myself in a plane with a one way ticket headed to Florence, only carrying a couple of bags and with a mixture of emotions including thrill for what was to come and a paralysing fear that disappeared -or at least hid itself deep inside of myself- the moment I set foot on the city.

The next month passed like a hurricane and probably it was one of the most stressful, interesting, busy and exciting times of my life. My days consisted on meeting people, look for apartments, and enjoy long walks discovering every corner of my new place of residence.
With time I found an apartment, a group of friends that had came to Florence from almost every country in the world and had cultures and personalities that diversified from mine in many ways but at the same time all of us shared the feeling that we wanted to live that experience to the fullest.

Sooner than later I discovered that, even with all my initial fears and difficulties, this experience had contributed me in ways that I could not find anywhere else, developing my personality and knowledge way ahead of the frontiers of my own imagination, and that is way I will always remember that year as one of the best of my life and I deeply recommend anyone with the opportunity and the feeling to overcome his or her fears to take it and I guarantee that will not regret it.


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